Children’s Arts Treasure Hunt

Children’s Arts Treasure Hunt

Saturday 22nd June

12:00 pm

The Civic Centre

Kate Motyer-Lowndes


From 22nd June – 1st July.

Poynton has a rich cultural heritage and a vibrant art scene.  Get a taste of the arts activities within our area in the past, in the present and looking forward to the future!  You might even win £25, just for taking part!

Here’s how to join in:
Collect a leaflet from the Civic Centre reception desk and follow the clues which will take you on a hunt for answers around Poynton.  Fill in your sheet and return it to the box in the Civic Centre.
Entries close at 10am on Monday 1st July.
Correct entries will be put in a draw to win £25.

The winner will be contacted during the week beginning 1st July using the contact information provided on the entry form.  These will then be destroyed and contact information will not be used for any other purpose.

Please note the plural Arts in the title, as this treasure hunt will encompass the broad range of Arts, not just visual