Community Art Project in the Library

Community Art Project in the Library

Saturday 22nd June

12:00 pm

Poynton Library

Ali Hargreaves


Poynton Community Art Project 2024

Last year we started a Community art project which was very successful and is now on permanent display in the Library 

This year you could add to it

Please place your paintings for the Poynton Community Art Project in the box which is situated in Poynton Library.

Make sure:

You sign the disclaimer form (next to the box)

Your piece is exactly 10cm x 10 cm in size 

You have the following information on the back of  your painting:

Your name:

Your age:

Email address:                                                                    

Your painting’s connection to Poynton:

Please note that you will not get your painting back as it will be part of a permanent exhibition in Poynton library.